WE GET IT. The more complex your network becomes, the more challenging it is to know which products to use, how to integrate them, how to budget for them, and how to ensure your network runs with zero downtime. In addition to providing an extensive Passive Optical LAN product set, our team can assist you in building the ideal solution for your specific POL challenge. That鈥檚 why, instead of relying on OCC just for products, our customers count on our design-build expertise and broad portfolio of end-to-end solutions for the seamless integration and optimum reliability of the network.

Passive Optical LAN technology is a point-to-multipoint architecture that provides the capability to securely deliver voice, data, and IP video and/or broadband video over a single strand of optical fiber

This architecture is based upon carrier-grade passive optical network technology that has been reliably utilized in fiber-to-the-home deployments for many years.
A Passive Optical LAN is comprised of two key network electronic components: 1) Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and 2) the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The OLT is normally located in the equipment room and aggregates optical traffic and provides the interface to edge IP network switches and routers. The ONT is normally located at the user's work station or zone enclosure and de-multiplexes the fiber optic signal into its component parts (i.e., voice/data/video) and outputs these signals on copper ports (i.e., RJ-45).

Network traffic is transported between these devices over a passive optical fiber infrastructure that generally consists of the following components:

禄 Connectorized single-mode optical fiber cable

禄 Passive optical splitters

禄 Fiber adapter plates and cassette modules

禄 Fiber enclosures (rack/wall/ceiling mount)

禄 Faceplates/surface mount enclosures/pass-through couplers


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